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Stay Safe on Holiday

March 16, 2022 by admin

Your safety and wellbeing are very important to us. That’s why we do our best to make sure your stay at our Villas is safe and trouble free. Please do be aware though that our villas need to meet the local standards and regulations of the country they are in. These might not always be the same as we expect in the UK, so we ask that you do take extra care while you’re on holiday.

Balcony Safety

You can’t beat a hillside villa with panoramic views! That does mean however that low walls and balustrades, together with ladder-effect railing are a popular design feature, so as not to take away from the beautiful scenery. Please do then make sure that all of your party are made aware of any low walls/balconies as soon as you arrive, and that children are supervised and stopped from climbing railings and furniture. This goes without saying we know, but please don’t lean or sit on the balcony edges.

Beach Safety

Beach days are one of the best parts of a sun holiday, but even the safest can be dangerous in certain weather conditions. When you get there scope out the beach signage and check for warning flags – ask what they mean if you need to. Never swim where a sign says not to. Some areas might be zoned off for jet boats or jet skis, others lifeguards may have marked as unsafe. Do also be aware of tides and currents. Keep a close eye on your children – don’t let them swim unsupervised, and as fun as the lilo is, save the inflatables for the pool at your villa, not the open water. Make sure when you’re taking a dip that you swim along the shore edge and not out to sea.

Children’s Safety

Children are curious little souls. Especially when they’re on holiday with lots of new places to explore and things to see. That’s why you need to take extra care with their supervision on holiday, especially around swimming pools, balconies, water and unfenced areas etc. It’s likely that our villas won’t have the same child precautions that you have at home.


We’ve all done it – walked straight into that closed, glass door! Please do take extra care on holiday, because in the bright sunlight – glorious as it is – it might not be obvious at a glance whether the windows or patio doors are open or closed. Glass doors overseas are not always made with toughened safety glass, as they’re not legally required in some countries.

Exterior grounds

If you’re after seclusion on holiday you might have chosen one our rural villas. Many have amazing panoramic views, and elevated and descending gardens really make the most of these! It does mean though that the property grounds might have drops in places. Please make sure everyone travelling in your party, especially children, know where these are, and that kids are kept a close eye on in these areas.

Fire Safety

Once you get to your accommodation, spend a little bit of time making sure all the party know the villa essentials, location and useful local contact numbers. You can find all of these handy and ready in your travel documents.

If the smoke detector starts to bleep, please let your villa manager know straight away, so that they can arrange a replacement. Also, make a note of the fire blanket.

If there’s a fire please leave the property immediately; don’t put yourself in any danger by delaying to collecting your things. Once you’re out, move to a safe place away from the building.

Smoking within your villa or accommodation is a big no-no, we’re afraid. In areas where smoking is allowed, please just make sure that cigarette stubs and ash are disposed of carefully.

General Safety

As a general rule, please make sure you take the care and caution that you would at home, while thinking carefully on the points we’ve mentioned in this document. When you get to your villa make sure you familiarise yourself with the accommodation’s facilities and safety features.

Please don’t try to fix anything on your own – no matter how DIY savvy you are. If you notice anything broken or hazardous please let your villa manager or local contact know.

Tiles or marble floors can be very slippery when wet, particularly the tiles around the poolside. Please take extra care and walk (not run!) around the poolside.

Stair Safety

Many of our villas have steps, either inside or out in the villa grounds. These can be steep, and might become slippery if it’s damp or raining. Please do take care while you’re moving about, and make sure that your feet (and the kids’ feet!) are properly dry after swimming or bathing.

Swimming Pool Safety

Please keep a close eye on your children in and around the pool area at all times. Make sure you and they know the pool depths, and please don’t swim at night or under the influence of alcohol. Diving is also not permitted in any of our swimming pools. Make sure you dry your ears well too once you get out, as trapped water can often be the cause of ear infections.


Telephones aren’t supplied in our properties.

Water Safety

We recommend that you drink bottled water while you’re away.